Welcome to Wake Up To Worship!

Wake Up to worship is getting a makeover and will be back up soon!

In the meantime, I would like to thank you for checking out my blog. You are probably here because you want to learn more about Jesus. Same here! The reason I started this blog is because I wanted to share what I was learning on my walk with God. In an intimate conversation back in 2014, I felt God tell me that he wanted me to write. So, here I am writing about God and sharing his Word for all who will listen.

In 2018, Wake up to Worship came into life and we have been studying Romans ever since. I did write a book about Psalm 139. All of these posts have been taken down since I am doing a new website. My plan is to put each Romans study we have completed into a pdf format for study and the book into a pdf format to read.

We will be starting back in Romans 14 on January 31st. I have a newsletter that I send out when we are studying a chapter. If you want to join, email me at catbarrena@gmail.com and I will get you signed up.

Thanks for checking out my blog and we will meet again soon!

Jesus loves you,


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